Most people think of elegance as the quality of being pleasingly graceful, tasteful, and stylish. But actually, it can also describe the character of being simple and succinct in presenting a solution. A popular quotation attributed to Albert Einstein says it perfectly: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” So when you think of elegant condo design, it should also involve solutions to problems like energy conservation, climate control, and security. To make a truly elegant condo environment where all your problems are solved in simple ways, you may want to consider different gadgets for home improvement.

Stay safe with smart systems


Security is one of the main concerns of every homeowner. Most condo communities already have guards or some other form of security, but it is usually concentrated in the common areas. It never hurts to have extra protection in your own home. CCTV cameras can be installed and connected to a computer or a mobile device. Smoke and fire alarms are also useful to prevent accidents, and electronic smart locks provide a high-tech way to keep intruders out. Extra security measures, such as motion detectors, can be arranged as well.

Delight your eyes with crystal-clear displays


It may be a luxury, but entertainment has become very important especially for condo owners. Maybe you regularly have guests, or maybe you just need to relax and unwind after work. Whether you’re looking at HD digital pictures or watching movies on Blu-Ray, entertainment has never been more valuable. Many condo residents can furnish their homes with ultra-thin LED TVs to maximise both entertainment and space.

Get your video on with smarter TV setups


Setting up an entertainment center is a perennial challenge when it comes to small condo design. Tangled wires and bulky setups can become obstructions, especially when you have very little real estate space. It can also be troublesome to get from one room to another when you have to negotiate through narrow pathways. With smart TV setups, condo residents can get content from both online and on-air sources; you can watch YouTube videos one moment, and then switch to your favorite HDTV cable channels on the same screen. If you’re a gamer, you may also want to check out some smart tech solutions that can stream games to your TV, so you can play your favorite PC games without having to leave the comfort of your living room.

Take control of the kitchen


Ever had that moment when you wonder whether you left the stove on? It happens even to the best of us, so you’re not alone in panicking and wanting a solution. If you have a kitchen furnished with the latest smart technology, you won’t have to worry. Crock pots, ovens, and various other cooking appliances have been upgraded to let them connect to your phone using special apps, allowing you to check and control them remotely. You can leave a slow-cooking dish and keep an eye on it online, tweaking the temperature as needed. Pulling recipes up while cooking will also be a breeze with a smart fridge that can connect to the Internet. You can look up your favorite food sites without having to leave the kitchen area.

Shine with smart lighting

With the right high-tech home design, condo residents can effectively deal with several problems—such as lighting, heat, and energy usage—all at once. There are plenty of LED lighting solutions on the market, all of which provide decent illumination at a fraction of the energy consumption that fluorescent or CFL bulbs require. They also generate less heat, which can be a relief—you’d be surprised how hot a room can get over time with traditional lighting solutions, and curious children won’t get hurt from touching the light on desk lamps. Special LED bulbs come in different colors, and some can even be programmed to project various colors and light levels using proprietary apps, letting you change a room’s mood in just a few swipes and taps, which is a game-changer in interior design.

Dial down your energy consumption


Whether you want to save the environment or save on your electric bill, electrical consumption is an issue for any condo owner. Getting energy-efficient smart bulbs is a good start, but that’s not the only thing you can do. You can use solar panels and solar water heaters to harness the power of the sun, reducing your reliance on electricity. A lot of smart appliances also come with power-saving functions, which could let them run on lower power or turn themselves off at regular intervals. Some high-tech refrigerators with energy efficiency settings can actually do that.

Integrate all controls into one panel


It’s cool that you’re monitoring appliances and tech remotely using your smartphone, but it can still be a hassle if you have different apps to keep track of. Smart hubs are designed with that in mind: in theory, with a single platform, you can control all of your connected devices. Engaging security systems, tweaking your kitchen controls, adjusting the temperature in your home—all of those can be hosted in one hub. Of course, there are still issues of compatibility as some providers refuse to accommodate technology from a competitor, but experts expect that to be resolved as more makers use Wi-Fi networks instead of proprietary pairing systems to connect devices.

Voice assistants: The next wave?

It’s no longer that strange to give orders to your phone; apps like Siri and Google’s voice-enabled search have taken hands-free tech operation to a new level. Soon, though, that could get even bigger with the advent of voice commands for smart homes. Amazon is currently leading the industry in that respect with Alexa, its AI assistant that integrates everything from ovens to washing machines, and even cars. If more players step up and challenge Amazon, maybe by capturing markets it hasn’t penetrated too deeply yet, it might not be long before condo owners everywhere, even in the Philippines, start telling “Jarvis” to make breakfast for them.


Home renovation introduces new opportunities, not just creatively but also in terms of productivity and efficiency. The truly smart and up-to-date condo designer knows that home makeovers can go beyond changing its look. Modern condo interior design ideas should consider both aesthetic and functional aspects. When a home is improved with those in mind, efficiency happens.

Author Bio: Jeanette Anzon is the writer and editor for She mostly writes about home improvements, home guides and designs, and real estate investments.