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Always the last one on the list; admit it, your bathroom is the least stylish room in your home, when there are, in fact, an abundance of details that can easily turn this solely-functional space into a cover of Architectural Digest.

If you’re looking to give a splash to your old bathroom with drops of modern, minimal shapes, this is the year to do it. From colours and materials to designers and brands, we’re here to provide you with some of the latest trends that can turn your bathroom into an emanation of style and beauty.

The Return of the Organic


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Less is always more; when it comes to bathroom design, this means the accent will be on super clean colours, seamless lines and practical arrangement of the space. What will give an energy to this minimalist design are a couple of organic elements. By combining faux wood tile with muted colours for the walls and accessories, you’ll turn your master bathroom into a personal spa.


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And why not take it to the next level by installing a showerhead with a built-in Bluetooth speaker? This one little high-tech touch can be the ingredient that will turn your bathroom into a secluded nook, escape from the outside world.

Boldly Practical

More and more people will turn to easy-to-maintain materials which will not lack dynamic and playful elements. Incorporating straight lines and masonry aesthetic will provoke the usage of the same material for both floors and cladding walls.



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However, creating an easiness of design is quite a challenging endeavour, and to achieve the elegant look, one must carefully plan the position of all bathroom elements. Clutter is a big no-no, and balance is the keyword – for a harmonious atmosphere, opt for modern and classy, warm and minimalistic.


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50 Shades Darker


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Alongside the great Hollywood spectacle, we see dark and moody colours making a comeback at the scene of interior design. If used right, elegant bathrooms with these somewhat shadowy shades exude relaxation, as well as luxury.


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This season, it will be all about the grey; although neutral, it will work wonders in a variety of hues. We will forget about the bright, shiny surfaces, and go for clean and matte colours. Rest assured your bathroom will be the embodiment of tranquil, elegant and dynamic atmosphere.


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That 70’s Vibe

For a few seasons now, we’ve seen the 70’s fashion overflow boutiques worldwide, and now we finally incorporate this aesthetic to our bathroom design. Marble cladding for the walls in combination with gold and brass metal accessories will make bathroom redesign one trendy project.


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The nobility of the stone, accompanied with minimalistic and natural materials creates an irresistibly stylish ambience. Marble, Quartzite and Travertine will be the IT materials, and will be used unexpectedly. Marble will not be reserved for flooring and cladding, but bathroom accessories, as well.

Hotel Chic

For those who always craved for a luxurious Bed & Breakfast experience, choose bathroom furniture carefully, and plan carefully where to position them. We recommend setting the tub center stage, and place a table beside it; for an extra charm, add a traditional washstand and a first-class loo.

Rustic Industrialism


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Struggling with unattractive exposed pipes? No, you’re not. Copper pipes and other rustic elements are no longer considered an eyesore, but bold design moment. The only thing you should do is refurbish them and not be afraid to add a couple of more details, like concrete accents and worn woods for the cabinets. When it comes to walls, feel free to leave the brick exposed.


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Innovatively Warm Atmosphere

In 2017 and 2018, we will be introduced to several intriguing models of heating systems, which will embody contemporary design. Created by reputable Alberto Meda, radiators come in most unusual shapes, such as paper origami, with a minimalistic Asian spirit and a multitude of high-tech possibilities which perfectly compliment any contemporary bathroom design. Then we have Scaletta, by Elisa Giovannoni, who believes objects should not be only practical, but also appealing. With this in mind, she created ladder, the element with utmost freedom of positioning, which both heats and decorates. Finally, we have to mention Tubone, by Andrea Crosetta, which created a simple shape in a variety of colours, which can be easily implemented into any interior.


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Has anything triggered your imagination? Think organic, think sleek finishes and clean lines, and don’t worry, this season, anything goes – something old with something new, something metal with something wood. So what’s it gonna be?



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