The warmth of those wooden tones, the rocking chair in the corner and the hand-quilted blanket waiting in the corner are just some of many images that pop into your mind when you think of that idyllic cabin in the woods. Despite its charm and that cozy feel, many hesitate to incorporate those rustic elements into their modern homes, out of fear of ruining that balance every room needs, or simply because they prefer a more modern approach.

Luckily, the timeless rustic décor has gained in popularity even more in the past years, and there are numerous ways in which you can use these details to turn your home into a warm and serene oasis inspired by the elements of nature without losing that modern essence.

  • Warm, soft and creamy hues

Look to Earth for your palette inspiration. All the shades of wooden brown, from sunny orange to maroon reds are welcome, as long as they fit well with your room design and lighting. You can also choose some lighter options, such as ivory, snow white and other off-white shades, as they can bring more light into an otherwise poorly-lit room.

Future Classic Furniture

Future Classic Furniture

For instance, instead of a solid black coffee table in your living area, choosing a raw-looking wooden table with all the ridges and imperfections of the original wood will give charm and character to your room. But think of these as your base colors. You can also add an accent or two that complement your décor, such as sunset orange or cherry red, which also add warmth and energy, and a splash of modern excitement.

  • The organic look and feel

The very essence of rustic is bringing nature indoors as much as possible – with fabrics, shapes and textures to add variety to this strong basis. Leather is an all-time favourite as far as your largest furniture pieces are concerned, such as your sofa and your living room couch. Then again, you can opt for even more rugged options such as jute chairs, rugs or burlap cabinets.

d-Bodhi Australia

d-Bodhi Australia

If you already have brickwork on your walls, why paint over it? You can leave these segments intact to give your home even more of that traditional rustic character, although you can use complementary soft hues for the rest of your home, to maintain that core sense of organic and unrefined.

  • Green up your indoor Eden

No style is perfect without a touch of nature, as even the most minimalistic décor can benefit from a few well-selected plants. When it comes to giving a gentler rustic vibe to your home, greenery is a perfect solution which adds subtlety, grace and colour effortlessly.

There is a plethora of low-maintenance plants that can make any room come to life and thrive with very little light, so they can brighten up even some of your dullest corners. English Ivy, Spider Plant and Peace Lily are among favorite plants of many home owners, and they go well with any interior design. If you are a fan of plants, you can even put up a vertical garden on your living room or kitchen wall, depending on your lighting and space, and of course, plant some of your own spices for extra fragrance!

  • Details that matter

Perhaps your home already has a modern, but warm feel to it, and you would like to preserve its original essence, but still add a touch of rustic style. You can only amplify that coziness with the help of this timeless style, so pick those details that will fit in best with your existing décor. Sometimes all it takes is a few linen and cotton curtains with simple rimmed embroidery or patterns with accent colors that will match your predominant palette.



An all-time favourite is, of course, a rustic fireplace in your living room, for those late winter nights with cocoa by the fire. If your architecture allows it, this single element can completely shift the focus of your home’s style, especially if you choose rugged materials, such as brick or stone. Installing fine-crafted timber doors can also increase the feeling of safety, warmth and comfort while being practical and without interfering with the rest of your decor.

  • Reuse and up cycle

Increased functionality and greater awareness of the planet are also shaping the way rustic is applied in modern interior design. More people are finding a new purpose for reclaimed wood, bamboo, brick, stone, metal and similar materials that can help build an eco-friendly, sustainable décor with that traditional rustic feel.

Trend Hub by Scarlet Opus

Trend Hub by Scarlet Opus

Another great way to include older, characterful items is to repurpose them. For instance, old leather chests can serve as beautiful coffee tables, while those old wooden boards can be used as new bookshelves, or as a cabinet in your bathroom because every part of your house deserves a rustic makeover for extra warmth.


When implemented with balance and moderation in mind, rustic décor can bring your home elegance and effortless simplicity, all the while preserving a contemporary feel and creating a timeless, eclectic blend that you will cherish for years to come!


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