Interior design is something everyone has heard about, tried to use in their homes and finally just terribly failed or did it masterfully. But after years with the same furniture, changing it mostly remains in the window shopping phase. This is because you value what your home looks like and are attached to the energy offered by the already arranged furniture. However, this year at Australia’s no. 1 interior show Decor + Design, we have noticed some promising international trends – featured at the 56th Milan Furniture Fair, finally arriving in Australia’s furniture industry.

Colours this season

When you think about furniture, you consider its colour, material and shape. The former is not only about matching different shades but also about combining patterns and styles. In the 2017-2018 season, everything is about organic and bold features.

We are loving these @saaradesign cups and tea pot on our Suzy yellow side table with marble top.

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This means brown, caramel and black with splashes of orange and red to make the place pop. Compared to previous styles where neutral colours were dominant, this time it’s all about natural and rich tones.

This new colour trend will certainly satisfy all those who want to bring out the warmth and friendliness of their homes, and especially those who were never willing to follow the fashion of cool and light tones.

Nature in your home

What applies to colour is also true for the materials, namely wood and stone. This year the trend is to be more nature-oriented and feel closer to the environment. Even bamboo furniture has switched from being outdoor to becoming indoor furniture with playful and ornate designs.

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Heavy wooden tables with textures carefully styled to give that cottagey charm to stone countertops in the dining area, and velvet sofas complemented with marble coffee tables in the living room are only some examples of styles reigning this year.

It’s all about the curves

Seems that this season geometric shapes were surpassed by curvy forms. Their inviting and puffy look radiates comfort and decadent luxury, reminiscent of David Hicks’ emotionally charged interior design in the ‘60s.

The shapes go perfectly with the colour palette this season, as well as with materials and fabrics. Consider having one bulky piece of furniture to be the centre of attention or adding an artistically handmade stool with irregular lines and lacking symmetry so you can break the orderliness and gain more earthy attractiveness.  The inviting atmosphere these shapes provide is usually complemented with some cosy features, like snug backrests or soft surfaces.

Moody bathrooms

Usually, when it comes to adaptation and décor, people tend to hire professional home & bathroom renovation services, mostly because the changes they want require more technical than aesthetical attention. But what you can do in those situations is participate in choosing materials and patterns. And when it comes to bathrooms it’s all about dark tones and creating a moody atmosphere.

Consider using basins and bathtubs made of stone in dark colours and as a contrast paint your walls beige or any creamy complementary tone. Even though white is the most commonly used colour when it comes to bathrooms, its simplicity is replaced with the peculiarity of organic palettes.

Sustainable living rooms

Furniture manufacturers are increasingly joining the fight against global warming and harsh climate change by using sustainable materials for their pieces.

Also known as eco-friendly, this furniture is not only good for the environment but also reliable and safe for humans in everyday use. One of the materials is actually bamboo since it’s easily grown and replenished.

One other characteristic of these materials is that they can be recycled and then reused for making new furniture. Also, there are manufacturers who create chairs, tables and lamps, for example, by letting trees grow inside the mould which, when ready, are harvested without killing the plant.

Kitchens perfect for making pies 

Remodelling your kitchen is usually something done in segments. One of the reasons is that it can be expensive, because of the appliances and cabinets which are always best handmade to fit the space. But also, the kitchen and dining area next to it are places where families spend time together, friends chat and lovers seduce each other.

This year kitchens are reinvented through smart appliances mixed with a vintage feel and curved edges. Materials like stone, marble and wood are softening the clean colour combinations of white, black and grey.

Redefined mid-century modern / retro 

When it comes to lights, they hardly ever escaped the industrial design and usually flirted with rustic and traditional characteristics of metal materials painted in neutral colours. But now the lights are not invisible anymore and their style is more a finishing touch to the overall décor than a background arrangement. Retro design is given a modern and refined look enriched with flamboyant and bold colours to elegantly correlate with the naturalness of the shapes it illuminates.

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Many consider the comeback of natural materials and curvy shapes quite welcoming. Unlike monochromatic and minimalistic designs, this new trend is engaging and alluring, with its features managing to be simultaneously classy and raffish. Although styles change and evolve, this one will probably be hard to change fast due to its friendly and enticing vibes.


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