Sustainability Hub


This year, we’re shining a spotlight on eco-friendly design, furniture and recycled materials, reflecting our move as an industry and society towards more conscious living.

Step inside the Design Matters National Sustainability Hub at Decor + Design and the Australian International Furniture Fair (AIFF), to expand your world to the newest in sustainability.

The Hub will showcase earth friendly building materials, biophilic beauty and on-demand sustainable interior/building design education webinars.

Free Sip & Enjoy Sustainability Networking Sessions.

Meet members of Design Matters National and other successful environmental building designers and exhibitors at the Sustainability Hub!

Thursday 14 July: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Friday 15 July: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

To reserve your spot, register to visit and select Sip & Enjoy as a session. If you’ve already registered, you can add an additional session via this link

Sip & Enjoy will be providing complimentary sustainable non-alcoholic beverages for the first 50 people that attend.

Sip & Enjoy Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Founded by Van Nguyen, Sip & Enjoy Non-Alcoholic Beverages is all about providing people with choice and enhancing wellbeing. These days, being able to attend social events and consume non-alcoholic drinks is an important diversity option.

Sip & Enjoy is sustainably packaged, with second life recycling for customers who return the bottles.

Prepare to be inspired at Decor + Design and the Australian International Furniture Fair, 14 – 17 July at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre!

Beverage Sponsors

  • M&Co Living

    M+Co Living offers a curated collection of contemporary furniture, carefully designed and selected to elevate an inspired lifestyle. Combining function, comfort and luxury, we help you create a space that’s relaxed, uplifting and uniquely you. Established in 2016, M+Co is a collaboration between husband-and-wife team Michelle and Dean Davis -a seamless partnership of two individuals blending their talents to bring you end-to-end property and interiors consultancy. Now with a team of 30+ and combining decades of industry expertise, the M+Co brand drawsinspirationfrom classic principles of seamless styling and interior design to offer a complete range of products and services tailored to a client’s specific vision and needs. From inspired interior design, property styling, trade services and renovations through to our very own curated range of M+Co Living furniture, our team prides itself on findingclever + skilfulsolutions to elevate a client’s home and lifestyle.

    Sustainability is really important to us and we are extremely proud to be the Pacific distributor of Gus Modern who are really making headway in this space.

    The Gus Modern collection is an eclectic mix of elegant and industrial design styles, with a focus on sustainability at every turn. Their collection is rooted in the simplicity of everyday objects and as a brand, strive to combine great design and practical purpose in a more environmentally friendly way.

    Our Gus Modern brand uses a revolutionary new upholstery fill material in select sofas, sectionals, and accent chair designs. PET fill is a clean, ultra-soft, long-strand fibre material that offers the comfort and feel of traditional waterfowl down, achieved through a process that benefits the environment by diverting plastic bottles away from landfills and waterways. The recycled bottles are purified and refined in several stages to create a synthetic-down upholstery fill that gives long-lasting comfort while maintaining cushion loft and shape. In addition, Vegan AppleSkin™Leather is a new, eco-friendly upholstery material that offers an exciting new option for customers searching for a quality alternative to leather. Formed by upcycling discarded fruit fibre into a durable covering that retains the classic aesthetic of natural leather, the material is a standout addition to our collection’s eco-friendly options. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the material was created to re-purpose the food remnants of the country’s apple orchard and juicing industries, and to answer a global call for an alternative to natural leather.

  • WoodSolutions

    WoodSolutions provides information and educational resources on how to use wood products.

    The WoodSolutions website is the world’s leading website for timber information. Responding to market needs identified by research, this comprehensive site is designed to provide architects, engineers and other building professionals with information and technical resources about using wood and wood products, with the potential to provide the users with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points – where applicable – through a wide range of channels.

    Sustainability overview

    Wood from a sustainably managed source has many environment benefits because it is renewable, has lower embodied energy than other materials and sequesters carbon in the built environment. Renowned for being the ultimate renewable resource is one of the many reasons timbers continues to be such a popular choice for structural, external, and internal applications.


    Offering a beautiful range of carefully designed and curated pieces from our own factories, Satara’s collection emulates relaxed luxury resort living for both residential and commercial spaces. Quality is key and only the very best designs from Europe and Australia can be found across our indoor and outdoor furniture ranges.

    Sustainability overview:


    The majority of our timber furniture production is carried out using traditional furniture-making expertise.


    We use FSC wood which ensures sustainable forest management.


    Satara also has an extensive range of handcrafted furniture made from recycled timbers.


    Because we are furniture designers and manufacturers, we are committed to providing you with furniture that lasts.

    We have a dedicated page on our website for this in case you need some further details as we do go into this a little more here:


    AC Stone Group is a Quartz stone and Porcelain supplier based in Sydney and Melbourne. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, design forward and cost-effective surfaces to Australian homes and commercial projects.

    Whilst maintaining excellent customer service levels, we are passionate about helping people achieve their dream projects. Our team of designers and manufacturers across different countries work together to manufacture, design and craft each one of our designs, ensuring the same standard, quality and timelessness throughout the whole AC Stone range.

    Sustainability overview

    AC Stone Group values product responsibility highly, and maintains all necessary standards, including NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and GREENGUARD which ensures standards for low emissions.

    AC Stone benchtops use modern machinery which minimises as much waste as possible during production, and reuses any Quartz residue by reincorporating it into our slabs in new production processes. This reduces the need to extract more Quartz than necessary, and minimises the strain on the Earth’s natural resources.

  • The Hemp Building Company

    The Hemp Building Company is a ‘green’ building business with a difference. We are specialists in the use of hempcrete (also known as hemp and lime or hempcrete masonry) and were the first registered builders in Australia to offer consultation services and hands-on workshop training opportunities tailored to the needs of architects, builders, owner-builders and artisans of natural materials. We are stockists of industrial hemp hurd, specially formulated lime binders and a range of natural lime renders.

    Our innovative work has featured in national publications including Habitus and Green magazine as examples of quality craftsmanship and excellence in environmentally conscious building. Today, we are sharing our skills and experience with those looking to build with this unique material.

    If you are passionate about beautifully crafted, energy efficient and healthy spaces, The Hemp Building Company has a wealth of in-house expertise to bring your hempcrete building project to life.


    At SLH, we are conscious of our environmental footprint, as are our suppliers. We use FSC accredited recycled teak from various suppliers, or ethically sourced European Oak, and American Black Walnut.

    Upcycled mixed hardwood timbers are purchased and obtained from decommissioned fishing vessels from North Java. These timbers are combined with powdercoated steel, & other locally acquired materials to create unique & eclectic furniture. Utilising local materials & upcycled materials in turn reduces our carbon footprint.